Business & Personal Development Books Produced by Impact for Executive Books

Partial List of Authors Served by
Impact Communications Include:

Ken Blanchard, 18-million-copy best-selling author of 48 books
(Impact Communications produced 3 books for Ken Blanchard)
Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, 3-million-copy best-selling
author of Life Is Tremendous
Paul J. Meyer, millionaire philanthropist who gave to charity
over $60 million in the last couple of decades
Reggie White, NFL Hall of Fame defensive lineman
Marvis & Joe Frazier, legendary father & son boxing team
Ron Hostetler & Jeff Hostetler, Super Bowl Champion Quarterback

Books Published by Impact Have Been Endorsed by:

Pat Boone, recording artist, actor & best-selling author
Joyce Meyer, worldwide televangelist & best-selling author
Dr. Ben Carson, world’s top neurosurgeon & best-selling author
Michelle McKinney Hammond, television host & best-selling author

Biographical and Issue-Oriented Books by Impact Communications 

PICTURED LEFT is the book about becoming a true champion in life from the perspective of two former football standouts. Impact Communications was commissioned by Mr. Hostetler to assist with the production of Becoming Champions for Life. Former NFL Superbowl XXV champion Quarterback Jeff Hostetler and Penn State linebacker Ron Hostetler are siblings who share their philiosophies for winning in the game of football and in life.
PICTURED LEFT is the autobiographical and issue-oriented book produced by Impact and published by Townhall Press.

As the first African-American to ever own an FCC licensed radio station in Central Pennsylvania, and as a Christian author with conservative values, Standing on the Rock author Joe Green has gained recognition as a voice of reason who effectively addresses the issues of religion and race-card politics in a sensible and uncompromising manner—exploring the startling truth about the polarizing racial, religious, and political issues that divide so many in our present culture.

PICTURED LEFT is the book by Pepperdine University Chaplain Maurice Hilliard about his true-life experiences with five bruised women he influenced—including actress Pamela Anderson.

PAT BOONE SAYS: "My admired friend Maurice Hilliard has spent his life and considerable talents finding the precious pearls— young girls who have been abused, neglected and all but discarded, covered with shame and made to feel themselves worthless—and helps them to discover their intrinsic, priceless worth. Often a surrogate, compassionate father to girls who never knew one of their own, he has led them to the Father of us all, and literally redirected their lives. Every story in The Price of a Pearl is an inspiration."

PICTURED LEFT is Before You Say I Do: A Biblical Guide for Bachelors & Bachelorettes by Gregory A. Dixon. This book is based on more than 10 years of thorough research!

What men must do before they say "I do"; How a woman can know when she is in a relationship going nowhere; Is dating a biblical concept?; Living single in a sex-crazed culture; Three wrong reasons people fall in love; Three things to avoid until you are absolutely serious; Six red flags you must not ignore;
The critical areas of compatibility; What a single person must do now to avoid the divorce court in the future

PICTURED LEFT is the book about Temple University Founder Russell Conwell. Gregory Dixon wrote the biographical segment and Russell Conwell is the author of the famous Acres of Diamonds speech that is reprinted.

TITLE: Acres of Diamonds: The Russell Conwell Story

How Conwell Started Temple University From Nothing; How his Acres of Diamonds message changed millions of lives; The dynamic leadership principles that caused Conwell's businesses and organizations to flourish; How Conwell built the largest Protestant Church in America with only 57 cents.

PICTURED LEFT is the front cover for the book about the legendary father and son boxing team.

This autobiographical epic entitled Living In the Shadows: The Legend and Legacy of Marvis and Joe Frazier has been in the works for a long time! Will it finally be released soon? We will keep you posted about any progress that is made in the future.


Gregory A. Dixon of Impact Communications was commissioned to assist NFL Hall of Famer Reggie White in the writing of his last book before his untimely death. White used his platform gained from professional football to speak out on various social issues and urban problems.

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