Impact Communications will design your organization a compelling Web Site and provide a Web hosting package that includes everything you need to get your business on the internet—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—including domain name registration, e-mail, and on-line maintenance. For more information call (904) 737-4153.

Having a Web site on the Internet provides instant access to information. No more waiting until the brochure comes in the mail. Anyone who wants to instantly find out more about what you have to offer can simply go to your Internet address to get information immediately. Anyone who has a computer with a modem can plug into any normal phone line, dial up their Internet account, and surf the Web. 

It is a great sales and marketing tool. Any person anywhere in the world who is on-line can go to your Web site and order your products or services by simply typing their credit card and other relevant information into a form on your Web site. You can cost-effectively maximize any publicity by giving out your Internet address when appropriate. 

It provides interactive communication. Via your Web site, your customers or clients can send written correspondence or download graphic files from any location in the world. This eliminates the need for excessive mailing or faxing and is a great tool for instant sharing of information. Web surfers can also view on-line text, 3-D graphics, animations, and listen to digital audio or watch digital video related to your company. 

It is a very cost-effective way to communicate any message—locally, nationally, or worldwide. After you r Web site is built, you can communicate to anyone in the world for one basic monthly or annual provider fee. Being on the World Wide Web is one of the fastest and most cost-effective means of communicating your message. Information can easily be uploaded onto your Web Site so that anyone can gain instant access. 

Having a Web Site is a great way of giving your company a cutting edge, hi-tech image. If you are competing with major companies in this day and age, being on the World Wide Web is important from the standpoint of building your company’s image. Having a professionally designed Web Site enhances your company’s credibility and opens up new avenues for attracting new clients. 

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